Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eat the right foods to gain weight on buttocks

What foods should you eat to get a bigger butt? Nutrition is equally important to exercise and fitness. We see this question asked a lot which are the best foods that help promote weight gain in the buttocks area. Now, this is a very confusing area for a lot of people. We hear in the media, constantly about diets, getting slim, lose weight, reduce pounds, and so on. If you are trying to lose weight, then I think, you have purchased the wrong ebook. Getting a bigger butt, is not about losing weight, but rather eating more to gain weight in the desired areas. We cannot stress that enough, how important it is, to develop good and regular eating habits, but if you are not able to achieve this, we recommend save your time and money and embark on a different goal.

We get asked all the time, if binging on junk food is going to get you a bigger butt. We want to inform you of the truth right now. The only thing you achieve is to cause oily breakouts of acne pimples, stomach aches, addictions, and eventually a reduced appetite. If you snack, chips, candybars, fast takeout foods etc., you will gain weight for sure, but due to the large amount of preservatives, and other chemicals these type of foods contain, they will make you lethargic and sleepy, and you won't feel like doing any exercises. Another factor you should take into consideration, is the considerable cost of junk food, compared to clean home-cooked meals.

The foods we eat, must contain three ingredients to help the human body grow bigger, and stay healthy at the same time. These three ingredients are, amino acids, fatty acids, and glucose. Unfortunately if you're diet consists primarily of junk food, you will get glucose, and some fatty acids, but very small amounts of amino acids, which are the primary building blocks for muscle mass and increased flesh on your buttocks.
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Fruits and vegetables are healthy, but they alone are not enough to help you grow a bigger butt. If you want to increase but muscle mass, you need to be eating proteins and starch rich foods like pasta, rice, corn, polenta, maize, beans, potatoes and barley.  These foods, should preferably be cooked in a natural home environment, with healthy ingredients. The amino acids, that these foods contain are absolutely essential, for your buttocks to grow bigger. We all will have occasionally the desire to eat junk food, we recommend that if you do, only eat junk food to gain temporary energy. Perhaps before a workout again a quick boost in energy, but afterwards take Maca, Pueraria Mirifica, and creatine drinks. Then after that prepare yourself a decent if possible proteins rich home-cooked meal.

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